Chicago Lunar New Year Celebration and ...
[Chicago Chinese news] Chicago Chinese community will have dumpling festival to celebrate Lunar Chinese new year on February 10, 2018
Rio Olympics 2016 and More
(Written by Frank Li)Rio Olympics 2016 closed on August 21. I thoroughly enjoyed it by spending numerous hours watching it, just as I did with all the recent Olympics! What about you?

Songs of the Wanderers
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan took 2 show on Auditorium Theatre of Chicago downtown

My IT Career Stories(连载)
By Sunny I started my IT career 10 yeas ago with unintended try, and lot story happen since then... 34 series stories by Sunny
Hawaii is sold to Japanese Government by...
By Yi-Cheng Chang : If you think this is OK, you can stop here. Do not go further to read the following. Just do what ever you enjoy to do.

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